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Welcome to Hug Elephants Sanctuary! If you are looking to experience an Asian Elephant journey like no other, then make sure that you take the time to visit the Hug Elephants Sanctuary!


Hug Elephants Sanctuary is located in Chiang Mai and was started by a group of local people that wanted to ensure that their elephants received the care and attention that they deserve. If you would like to help us support our elephants, then we would love to welcome you to the Hug Elephants Sanctuary! Relaxing and friendly staff, who will ensure that your visit is perfect!  

2500THB / pers

成人 :: ฿2500
儿童 :: ฿1800
Date ::   
数量 ::  
* 儿童年龄介于 4 和 10 岁之间

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最佳价格保证 最佳价格保证
泰国本土代理 泰国本土代理
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